Thursday, October 16, 2008

Buda Christian Church

It's been a while since I've posted, I'd been thinking of photographing our house and the church next door and thought I'd do it with my new through the viewfinder camera.
The Buda Christian Church was built in 1904 in Italianate classical revival style, our house next door dates back to 1897, and was deeded to the Christian Church in 1904.

I checked the records in San Marcos and found that in 1894 Mrs. Trimble sold the lot to Oliver Kavanaugh. ( for $25 plus one brown cow and calf and one sorrel mare to be delivered at once).

In November of 1894 W.E. Holtzclaw & Jessie Severn bought the lot and the house was built in 1897, the house was deeded to the church in 1904. A storm destroyed the church in 1909 and the house was sold to rebuild the church.

In "Clearsprings and Limestone Ledges" by Frances Stovall it says that Mrs. Ida Carter ran a boarding house. (they owned the house from 1913-1946) Then a family named Galbreath owned the house (we found the kids in the Buda High School yearbooks) until the 80's. Then it was sold again & fell into disrepair, when and Troop's bought it and restored it in the 90's.

Today, the church is lovingly taken care of by the HInotes and the Missionary Baptist Church and we live happily next door.
It really is perfect living between a church and a school.

( this small church would be a great place to have a wedding!)

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