Thursday, July 06, 2006

Write letters or email!!!

If you are against the renovation please let the school board know NOW!!!! We only have until August 1st before their vote. The bond in November will pass because it is a no tax increase bond and we do need the bond for 2 new elementary schools on the east side.

Speak now or forever hold your peace, once it's done it's done. it will never be a school again.

Send your emails and letters to the School Board in care of
Julie Crimmins ( she will send it on to Dr. Kirk London and the school board members and make it a part of public records.

We can do it if we all speak out!

Keep Buda Funky!!!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Keep Buda Funky

"As Henry Altmiller said at the school board meeting, Buda Elementary School has always been funky. Well sometimes funky means good!"

Keep Buda Funky!!!

This blog is to voice public opinions about the proposed $10 million dollar renovation of Buda Elementary School from a uniquely split upper historical campus level (3rd through 5th grade) and a lower campus level (Pre-K through 2nd) to build an all-new two story building into the existing lower campus.

This would modernize the lower campus to be much more like other new elementary schools in Buda and would consolidate all the grade levels into one space. This new building would increase capacity by only 100 students and is located in a flood plain.

Though Buda Elementary needs renovations, the school board seems to be ignoring the least costly proposal for a $ 3 million dollar plan for upgrading both campus's with electrical, plumbing and roofing and cafeteria upgrades. And leaving the split campus's in place.

Most parents and teachers like the separation of the younger grades from the older ones . This school has been a historical institution in the City of Buda for over 80 years. Though our community is growing the need for a larger elementary in this neighborhood is not needed.

There is a growing census that big schools don't work and there is a new movement to make schools smaller again.

The closure of the Historical upper campus will become a ghost town to an already struggling downtown community.

What keeps the spirit of Buda Elementary alive is the use of these buildings as a working school with all of it's history to teach the future children of Buda a little about it's past.