Thursday, July 06, 2006

Write letters or email!!!

If you are against the renovation please let the school board know NOW!!!! We only have until August 1st before their vote. The bond in November will pass because it is a no tax increase bond and we do need the bond for 2 new elementary schools on the east side.

Speak now or forever hold your peace, once it's done it's done. it will never be a school again.

Send your emails and letters to the School Board in care of
Julie Crimmins ( she will send it on to Dr. Kirk London and the school board members and make it a part of public records.

We can do it if we all speak out!

Keep Buda Funky!!!!


Anonymous said...

I say GO FOR IT! I have two children at Buda and feel that the Buda ele school has to grow. The city is growing faster than many expected and we cant stop that. Yes, I like the split campuses but it doenst mean that is what is best for ALL involved. I dont want my kids in trailers learning and I dont want 30+ kids in their class because there is no room to grow. If you want to keep your child in some small town that is not growing then move, build your school and keep it however you like it.

Change is a part of life and that is what we teach our kids. If we dont grow with change and be positive what are we teaching the kids??? Everything in life has a positive and a just depends on how we accept them and deal with it.

I hope the school board listens to what is best for the kids....and the future of Buda school kids. We cant stop the growth but we CAN be pro-active and prepare for the future. Instead of waiting until no one wants to move here because our schools are overcrowded or run down.

Just like we tell our kids...we might not like it but we need to work together for what is right and giving them a better learning environment is RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

As fast as our school district is growing, we need to hold on to some of our history and charm. The mega elementaries that we are building are okay but kids need to smaller atmosphere that comes with a school such as Buda. If you are concerned about 30+ kids in a class, then look at the high schools and how crowded they will be this year with the limited staff due to restricted budgets!!!
Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

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