Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Destination Imagination!

We are so PROUD of our Buda DI teams! This was their second year performing in the Statewide competition.
Destination ImagiNation is a school program that builds creative problem solving as a team effort.
Teams of five to seven kids work together after school to apply creativity and critical thinking to solve a problem.
The challenges are designed to be solved in many ways, they are technical,mechanical, theater arts, science, fine arts, improvisation & structural & architectural design.

This year Buda Elementary had 4 teams under the categories:
D'Ive got a secret, Obstacles of Course, Switch & HIt or Myth.

Hit or Myth was a perfect choice since they're all so into Greek Mythology. They had to create and present a theatrical performance with an original Story about a Myth, Urban Legend or Folk Tale.
The Story must be set in a Nation other than your team’s own.
Design and carry out a Myth Investigation that investigates fact(s) about the team’s Myth. Present the results of the Investigation as part of your Story.
Create a Myth-Ecol Replica from the team’s chosen Nation, using recyclable materials.
Create two Side Trips and integrate them into the Presentation.

Hit or Myth won the Spirit of DI award and second place!

The Switch team won first place and will go on to the State Championship in April.
They had to perform a skit with a switch and built an architectural structure that held 85 pounds in two different directions!
Here were their rules :
Design and build a Structure made completely of Wood and Glue and test it for strength by stacking weights on it in two different Orientations.
Have a two-minute Stop Time while the team removes the weights after the first test and places the Structure on a different side for the second test.
Research a manufactured item, called a SWITCH! Item that can serve more than one purpose.
Create and present a Story in which the team demonstrates two different purposes for the SWITCH! Item.
Present a Freeze-Frame scene as part of the Story during the Stop Time.
Create two Side Trips and integrate them into the Presentation.
Congratulations to all the kids who entered the contest and
Good Luck to the Switch Team in the State Championship

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i-heart-(fill in the blank) said...

Please tell Thea CONGRATS for us! I really loved D.I. when Alex did it. It was the most fun I'd ever had at an elementary school event!